CLAWS Descends on Miniland at Legoland California

February 29th, 2012

CLAWS – New Exhibit Opens at Sea Life Aquarium on March 1, 2012

Legoland California could have been the set of a 1950s horror movie last week as a gigantic Japanese spider crab hovered over buildings in Miniland New York. This alien-like creature was on its way to Sea Life Carlsbad Aquarium’s newest Exhibit, Claws, which opens to the public on March 1, 2012.

The five new displays in the interactive Claws Exhibit will feature gigantic Japanese spider crabs (which can grow to 13-feet across), coconut crabs (named for their ability to crack open coconuts with the power of their claws), fiddler crabs, lobsters and nephrops (commonly referred to as “prawns”). Claws also includes a touch display allowing guests to feel the shell textures of different crabs; a mechanical claw that guests can control and use to pick up objects; plus a new daily educational presentation.

Miniland USA replicates nine different cities completely made out of Lego brick on a 1:20 scale. “Often times guest enjoying Miniland USA comment on how fun it would be to step inside the cities and pretend they are a creature from one of those horror movies,” muses Bob Burhans, Curator of Sea Life Carlsbad Aquarium. “So our staff thought it would be fun to stop by New York on the way to the Aquarium before bringing this amazing creature to his new home. Who says Aquarists don’t have a sense of humor?”

More than a standard Aquarium, Sea Life provides an educational and interactive dynamic unlike any other. The Sea Life experience incorporates Lego models into a child’s voyage to the depths of the ocean, presenting the wonders of the underwater world to them in a way specially designed for their understanding. Featuring play zones, fun facts and quiz trails, Sea Life is designed to be a child’s guide to the life of the sea.

Sea Life Carlsbad Aquarium is located next to Legoland California (they share the same parking lot) at One Legoland Drive, Carlsbad, California. The new exhibit, Claws, opens to the public on March 1, 2012.

Editor’s Note: We’ve got the scoop on what’s in store in 2012 at Legoland California, including new Lego Star Wars Gallery and new water ride Pirate Reef. Check out exclusive photos and video: New Legoland and Sea Life Attractions in 2012

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